the most difficult cases conducted to the end

Time is always against creditor. That is why Chamber TRZEBINSKI & PARTNERS always tries to recover a debt by negotiations before court actions.

Sometimes it happens that pre-litigation actions do not help. In such  cases, we try to bring a case to final judgement, on behalf of our Client, as soon as possible. Often order of payment issued by court is not good enough to force a debtor to pay. In these circumstances it is necessary to undertake bailiff execution.

But simple passing a case to a bailiff may not bring expected results. That is why our Chamber stay in constant touch with Bailiff Office and, if needed, points at particular parts of debtor’s property which may help in setting up a legal mortgage on behalf of our Client.

Chamber TRZEBINSKI & PARTNERS cooperates with the most effective bailiffs in the country. Often, through laborious and time-consuming work, we are able to establish the most hidden properties of a debtor, which can be put to auction by Bailiff Office and cover our Client’s claims.