1. Checking and registration in National Registry of Debts (KRD BIG S.A.)

Becoming acquainted with contractor considering his credibility, reliability, his past and his intentions is extremely important for the companies which give the merchant credit. It applies not only to potential client, about who we know little or nothing, but also to regular customers who may decide to end their business activities (under present sign) and take credit from their long-term suppliers with no wish of paying them up.

Legal Chamber TRZEBINSKI & PARTNERS, going towards market’s demands, has in its offer Contractor Check Service in National Registry of Debts and Economic Information Office S.A which provide our Client with:

* effective protection against insolvent debtor

* constant monitoring of particular contractor credibility

* modern debt management tool

* lower cost of bad-debts cover

* enhancing a standard of co-operation with customers

* possibility of receiving up-to-date information about payment delayes of potential client

On Client’s order Chamber Trzebinski & Partners may add a debtor to National Registry of Debts BIG S.A.

2. Information from National Court Registry about commercial law – company, for instance:

  • legal form
  • data and place of registration
  • initial capital and its changes
  • composition of the board
  • data about owners, shareholders, partners, including number of shares,
  • profile of activity, branches
  • balance of trade