- providing our Clients with instant legal aid connected with their commercial operating.

Within the framework of this service there is a possibility of matching it with our Client’s individual demands. The choice of optimal time-option should depend on particular type and form of conducted business which allows us to provide our services efficiently and properly in the following areas:

  • civil law
  • commercial law
  • economic law
  • public order law
  • construction law
  • administrative law
  • insurance law (damages)

Rules of co-operation

Chamber offers, chosen by Client and suitable for him, form of legal service.

Range of services is not limited. Chamber provides legal aid in the scope of all legal issues met by businessmen during their activity.

Forms of legal aid of our Chamber are:

  • providing legal advice, legal information, explanation of the application of law issues
  • issuing legal opinions about particular standpoints or judgements and about facts of a case
  • coordination and analising content of contracts ordered by Client as well as preparing untipical or legally complicated projects
  • writing out documents and legal acts
  • conducting negotiations
  • mediations
  • legal representation during litigation

Legal aid is provided:

  • in our office
  • in Client’s place
  • by telephone
  • by fax
  • via internet