professional, effective and in accordance with the law arbitration procedure

By now, we are one of the most dynamic Chambers working in the field of debt execution in Swietokrzyskie Region. Thanks to our procedures eleborated through the years and expanded IT system supporting debt recovery, we are able to operate effectively in the whole country. Our negotiators carry into execution straight after registering an order in our Office. From then negotiations usually take two – five weeks.

Arbitration procedure is based on calling on a debtor to pay , by virtue of given us authorisation, and visiting him directly by our workers in his place of business or his place of living and afterwards, by using wide range of legal actions and technics, we force a debtor to pay our Client outstanding money willingly with avoiding unnecessary costs. The range of legal measures and modern execution well as negotiation technics cause that Chamber  TRZEBINSKI & PARTNERS is more effective than its competitors and most of entrusted cases (approx. 80%) end without involving a court.

We always make endeavour to recover the whole amount as quick as possible. If it is not possible, we try to recover the payment in instalments, signing secured agreement with a debtor on the best terms for our Client. Next we coordinate punctuality of agreed payments and take actions when delays appear.

In situation when debtor does not possess the properties enough to secure our Clients claims we aim at recovering a debt by offering help in selling his debt. Our actions are not limited to standard procedures.

Chamber TRZEBINSKI & PARTNERS specialise in business transactions debt maintenance. Our Clients are firms of great variety of business organisation structure – large, medium, small. We even provide our services to companies which have their own vindication departments.