company’s financial flow improvement

Our expirience and analisis, gathered during our co-operation with our Clients, point that debt execution process is not always proper. Taking into consideration that the market of debts evolved during last several years. That is why we try to minimise the risk of the debt becoming outdated.

Control payment service aims at prevention of outdated debt rise. It is based on telephone and direct  control of invoice payments during demandable period as well as during the first thirty days after deadline of payment for each invoice. All telephone conversations made on this level by our Chamber are preceded by marking an invoice with monitoring stamp. Such a stamping allows a business partner to realise that he should be up-to-date with his payments without violation a good business relationship.

When choosing this service Client benefits from:

  • up-to-date payment receiving
  • cash – flow improvement
  • company image improvement
  • reduction of the cost connected with less effective operations
  • possibility of fast action to recover a debt thanks to
  • quick respond to payment delays