KancelariaLawyer’s Chamber TRZEBINSKI & PARTNERS  was established in 2006 from the initiative of its orginator Dariusz Trzebinski. Our Chamber is a firm orientated at providing comprehensive legal service as well as debt service for the benefit of the entrepreneurs, institutions, and private persons. At the beginning , as Financial and Legal Office RAMZES, as a result of dynamic expansion of Legal Department, in the first quarter of 2008, it transformed into Lawyer’s Chamber TRZEBINSKI & PARTNERS.

The base offer of Chamber includes extensive range of legal service within the areas of economic and commercial law, civil law, construction law and litigations. Chamber values untipical and precedential cases, which demand creative approach, however we do not underestimate  small and tipical legal problems. Our assets are: broad legal knowledge, excellent understanding of binding regulations, great engagement in excercised projects, innovation of of applied resolutions and very good work organisation. Our Chamber, when undertaking action on behalf of our Client, offers flexible and unconventional approach to legal institutions and adapts method and range of provided services to individual needs of each Client. Thanks to co-operation with the lawyers practising in narrow, specialistic fields of law, Chamber is able to offer complex legal assistance to Client with specific, unique profile of activity and especial demands of the scope of legal service.

Branded line of our Chamber is also recovery-execution of the depts (before, during and after litigation, during execution or after unsuccessful bailiff execution as well as recovery of outdated debts) securing our Client’s claims towards persons who do not keep up to their payments. Vindication is always preceded by detailed recognition of each case and by drawing up particular plan of future actions against debtor.

Chamber assembles high-rank specialists. Our workers and co-workers are persons with well-established position on the market.Owing to our experience and resources, our Chamber is able to provide high quality assistance the Clients from Świętokrzyskie Region as well as from the entire country. Success of our Chamber in relationship with our Clients is based on full understanding of specific character of their business needs. It allows us to participate actively in constracting action strategy and business concepts at the beginning stage of our relationship, not only to consider a situation from the third person’s point of view.

Depending on pro-active principle of business-legal advice , Chamber co-operates with the tax-advisers and companies specialised in the debt turnover.

In our work we comply with the highest ethical standard, with professionalism of provided services and with principle of securing full comfort in wilful and free realisation of our Client’s business goals.

Chamber’s offer is  always individual, matched with the needs of particular Clients. That is why our services are quoted after taking into considerations specifity of each order to make our fee adequate to real involvement of our lawyers and workers and allow our Clients to plan the budget properly and monitor their expenses. Apart from determining Chamber work’s fee on the hour-rate system we are open to set a per cent – fee proportional to the effects of our work or in the lump for each project or order. Our regular Clients are offered  discounts and  avaraged fee in relation to the standard hour-rates of payment or commision from the executed claims.